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Eagle Ford Markets & Takeaway Capacity 2013

The abundant varieties of commodities being produced in the Eagle Ford present E&P companies with opportunities for maximizing commercial returns like never before. However, production volumes are reaching the stage where pressure is mounting on midstream operators to increase the available and planned capacity for takeaway, processing and refining, to be able to absorb the staggering volumes of crude, condensate, NGLs and natural gas that is currently being recovered.

As well as increasing transport options, identifying new destinations is also critical in pushing operators to explore new regional destinations as well as export avenues in emerging markets.

Due to the interdependency of marketing success between E&P and midstream operators, we have created a dynamic, commercially-focused platform to facilitate communication between both sectors to identify commercial investment opportunities and address critical export challenges being faced in the Eagle Ford.

The mission of Eagle Ford Markets and Takeaway Capacity 2013 congress is to establish the latest crude, condensate and NGL production plans from E&P companies to justify the scaling up of in-field gathering, long-haul takeaway and processing plants. The conference will be split into presentations from E&P companies and midstream operators:

E&P speakers will...

...focus on delivering the latest crude, condensate and NGL production plans from companies actively operating in the Eagle Ford to ascertain producer requirements and pinpoint high ROI areas for development.

Midstream speakers will....

...present on existing commitments, investment plans and completion updates for pipeline, rail takeaway and processing capacity expansion in the Eagle Ford focusing on planning routes to market and assessing how increased condensate will be handled.

The forum will address interrelated challenges being faced by both spectrum's of the market to deliver commercially viable, mutually beneficial solutions for improving the netback that can be reached on Eagle Ford products. Stakeholders will also be looking to maximize financial returns by determining new avenues of profit recovery via emerging areas of production and LNG exports to emerging markets.

The congress is going to serve as a meeting point for E&P and midstream operators working together to deliver steadfast marketing solutions, pinpoint high ROI areas of production and infrastructural development and provide bottom line benefits to both operators.

Day one will map the expanding production boundaries of the Eagle Ford to forecast how areas of new and increasing production, such as the Austin Chalk and Pearsall will affect total output of the play followed by a panel focusing specifically on the amount of condensate coming from the area. Marketing, takeaway and processing options for crude and condensate will then be examined in detail from both E&P and midstream perspectives with dedicated sessions at the close of the day delivering the very latest transportation solutions for rail, pipelines and marine links.

Day two will announce the latest construction timelines, capacities and locations for NGL, natural gas takeaway and processing breaking down into outlooks on markets and pricing, pipeline takeaway and fractionation capacity updates and sour gas treatment. The latter half of the day will investigate the potential for collaborations, joint ventures and partnerships, with E&P speakers announcing the latest deals being signed as well as identifying opportunities for new capital and operational partnerships. The event will conclude with a detailed look at promising East Coast LNG export projects and investment opportunities for NGL and natural gas in emerging markets on the West Coast and in Mexico.


"Good diversity in topics and speakers"


Eagle Ford Markets & Takeaway Capacity 2013 has been strategically developed as...

...the only event delivering timely product marketing solutions for E&P companies as well as investment opportunities for midstream companies. Each session has been designed to deliver realistic, immediate and mutual commercial benefits for both E&P and midstream operators in the Eagle Ford play.

Due to the interdependency of product marketing success between E&P and Midstream operators, this agenda has been engineered specifically to provide bottom line benefits to both sub-sectors. This year's agenda will not only map new areas of production in the Eagle Ford and deliver the very latest updates on fractionation, processing, refining, pipeline, rail and marine takeaway facilities, but it will also investigate the commercial potential for joint ventures, partnerships and export opportunities to emerging markets.

Presentations will be delivered on the following key topics as identified by E&P and midstream executives operating in South Texas:

NEW AREAS OF PRODUCTION: Mapping the expanding boundaries of the Eagle Ford to forecast how areas of new and increasing production will affect total output of the play

CHANGING CRUDE QUALITIES: Quantifying how much extra Eagle Ford condensate will be coming onto the market and how E&P companies will market it

CONDENSATE HANDLING & MARKETING: Determining refining capacity and takeaway options for taking premium priced, lighter crude to markets

CRUDE MARKETS, PIPELINE & RAIL TAKEAWAY: Identifying markets and gathering systems for absorbing increasing crude volumes and ensuring Eagle Ford products  yields optimal return

RAIL: Hearing where new rail capacity is being built around the Eagle Ford and where the loading terminals will be located

NGL PIPELINE CAPACITY: Hearing what new NGL pipelines and fractionation expansions are being proposed to identify where new capacity will be and prevent well shut ins

GAS PIPELINES & MARKETS: Examining the latest gas gathering and processing facility expansions in the Eagle Ford, how midstream operators plan to absorb sour gas and how LNG export could open up new markets

MIDSTREAM JVS & PARTNERSHIPS: Investigating the potential for collaboration to expedite the provision of midstream capacity and drive greater commercial return for pipeline and rail operators

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